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Race car beds used to be the craze many years back, but over time, children didn't really want to be race car champs anymore and the beds became forgotten. But these classic beds have seen a revival recently with the screening of a Disney animation on race cars.

Back in 2006, the Disney-Pixar movie, CARS was released with excellent reception by the audience.

The animation’s well-loved car characters spawned a series of very successful merchandise, including car models, figures and just about everything to do with race cars; which much of the movie was based on.

The key character, the race car Lightning McQueen, was no doubt the most popular, especially among children everywhere in the world. Every child wanted to be a race car driver, or at least, have a race car of their own. Incidentally, this led to a revival of a very different type of race cars – race car beds.

Just like there had been the Piston Cup and the Fabulous Hudson Hornet before Lightning McQueen, there was a time when little children wanted their own race car beds; before the movie Cars came about.

It was a time when Formula One racing was becoming a phenomenon, when sports cars from Ford and General Motors were the dreams of children and teenagers alike. Teenagers could get their driving licences and dream race cars, and the children? They got their dream race car beds.

That generation passed us by, and children who drove in race car beds grew up to become dads and granddads. And today, their children and children’s children relive their old dreams once more in today’s modern race car beds.

While race car beds appear to be something for the boys, there are actually a large number of little girls who love them as well. The cute animated characters in Cars didn’t just win the hearts of boys dreaming to be race car drivers; little girls also dream of becoming Sally Carrera, classy and beautiful like Porsche, and in love with a hot rod race car driver.

Race car beds are wonderful for your kids, but like all children’s products, a lot of care and concern go into selecting one. Find out more about what you should look out for in choosing race car beds, the safety issues, reasons for choosing one and reviews on various race car beds available in the market today.

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